Mikaela Pettersson

We’re excited to welcome Mikaela Pettersson to LumenRadio, she will join our R&D team as Project Manager!

💬 How did you find out about LumenRadio?

At a student event two years ago, I got caught by the energy and engagement! I talked to one of LumenRadio’s founders, Niclas Norlén, about connected lightning and Airglow. I also got the impression that LumenRadio offers variation and a broad role in a growing company - which is a perfect match for me.

💬 Why is wireless technology interesting for the future?

To be able to create building and lighting more energy efficient in general, it's very fun and exciting to work within this area. LumenRadio is a pretty small company but we produce and deliver our product to big companies world wide - I am proud to work for a Gothenburg company with such a great impact. 

💬 What do you like to do when you are not working?

I like to run and try out new restaurants. One of my best food experiences is Koka in Gothenburg (you must visit!) And Vilda is a hidden paradise in Vasastan, Gothenburg.

Welcome to us Mikaela! We are so happy to have you onboard! 

Wanted! Amazing people to join an amazing company!

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Job title: Chief Accountant
Job category: Finance
Location: Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-08-31

We are looking for an Accountant who wants to develop, take responsibility and be part of our exciting journey at LumenRadio. You will get the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in an environment where we help each other!


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Mikaela Pettersson

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