Our summer stars

Meet Fanny Olsson, Accountant Assistant, Anna Tahvanainen, Customer Service Representative 
and Max Öberg, Production Technician! 
💬 How did you find out about this summer job?
Fanny: LumenRadio's CFO Magnus Holm posted it on LinkedIn and one contact in my network recommended me to apply. ✨
Anna: My friend who works at LumenRadio overheard a conversation that they were looking for a Customer Support for the summer, so he recommended me - and now I'm here. 

Max: My uncle recommended me for this opportunity, he has connections with LumenRadio. He thought the role was a good match for me because of my interest within engineering. 

💬 Tell us about a day at work? What are your plans for the fall?
Fanny: I book payments, respond to emails in various matters etc. I work close to Camilla Petren, Anette Olsson and Magnus Holm in the fantastic finance team. I have one year left of my economics studies and I am looking forward to my exchange in Paris this fall!
Anna: I work with customer support in various matters and I am learning new things every day. I have no experiense within this area from before, but I can really use what I learnt from customer service from my many years' experience within restaurant as a waitress and. I am currently studying at GU and will become a teacher in the future. 
Max: I program PCB's, build modules etc. I graduated from high school this year, so I have no work experience within this area but I like to experiment with electronics on my spare time. 5 years of studies at Chalmers is coming up, but I hope I get the opportunity to work extra for LumenRadio now and then.
💬 What is LumenRadio for YOU? 
Fanny: Everyone helps each other, no matter what department you belong to, everyone jumps in if needed. We are one team and I felt as part of the team from day one.
Anna: This was not what I expected, just thought I would enter orders, it is so much more challenging and fun. I also appreciate that I really feel part of LumenRadio and not as someone "who is just here over the summer". 
Max: Something I have not seen in any other before is the flat organisational structure, everyone is ready to help each other no matter your title or position in the company. 

Wanted! Amazing people to join an amazing company!

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Job title: Chief Accountant
Job category: Finance
Location: Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-08-31

We are looking for an Accountant who wants to develop, take responsibility and be part of our exciting journey at LumenRadio. You will get the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in an environment where we help each other!


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