Why LumenRadio?

💬 What made you join?

What first caught my interest was our founder Niclas Norlén. The first time I met him was when he was sitting in a couch at Chalmers Ventures. He asked me if I wanted to be part of changing the world. And I thought... either he is a genius or crazy. And to be honest he is both...😄 We partner in a great way together and I am today very thankful that I decided to join LumenRadio and to be part of this journey.

I have been with LumenRadio now for many years and what makes me wake up with a smile every Monday morning is the people here. We have a lot of fun together and I am proud of the culture we have built together.

Wanted! Amazing people to join an amazing company!

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Job title: Chief Accountant
Job category: Finance
Location: Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-08-31

We are looking for an Accountant who wants to develop, take responsibility and be part of our exciting journey at LumenRadio. You will get the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally in an environment where we help each other!


Why LumenRadio?

From left: Niclas Norén, Founder and Alexander Hellström, CEO
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